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  What are photovoltaics?

The term photovoltaic (PV) means to convert light directly into electricity through a photochemical reaction i..

  What is the manufacturing process of solar modules?

Manufacturing Process of Solar Modules

  What is the difference between on-grid and off-grid PV systems?v

Grid-connected PV systems operate in parallel with your local utility service, providing a supplemental source..

  How do grid-tie systems work ?

There are two types of grid-tie systems, those with storage batteries and those without. Systems without batte..

  Which system is right for me?

There are several key factors that must be considered when making this decision.Your current electrical consum..

  How many Kwh do I need?

The first step in configuring your solar system is to define your load. There are two aspects you need to know..

  Will the system work on gray, cloudy or overcast days?

Yes, because photovoltaic energy (PV or solar power) uses the full spectrum of light, the ultraviolet rays are..

  Does the system work when the regular power (the utility grid) is down?

Yes, if you choose a system that has a battery pack, it will provide power to those circuits you select as cri..

  What happens when we generate more power than we`re using?

Excess electricity is fed back into the utility grid for others to use. Your electric meter spins backwards to..

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